Monday, May 22, 2006

Hanging Around Getting My Priorities Straight

First things first.

Hmm... What's the first thing???

Drinking a Corona with a lime right now, and that seems like a pretty good thing to do. I would really like to be a lot less competitve. I don't need to do anything for the state fair, I should do stuff for fun. Problem is competition is fun for me. I know when I go to the fair, I'll see all kinds of stuff I love and admire and I'll wish my stuff was right there next to it. I'll probably do some preserves, they don't take as long as a full sized quilt. I've started on Claire's Cats by Darcy Ashton. I participated in a 1930's 10" square swap over at the delphi forums. I got back the best stuff and it's perfect for this pattern. I loved it so much that I also ordered Grandma's Bunnies by Darcy Ashton. I don't know when I'll get to it but oh, it's so cute. I tried to do machine applique with the buttonhole stitch but I totally suck. I do a much better job with a thin satin stitch. I'm going to go work on that while waiting for the fabric I ordered to make Mccalls 5137.

I found my old datebook from 1987. Freaky!! I had the yummiest boyfriend back then. His name was Brian, he was a law student. I wonder what happened to him. I hope he's had better times than my cute little sportscar from back then. I think that got turned into a metal box. I, of course, turned into a weird crunchy lady, but hey whaddya gonna do! I knew my husband back then but he wouldn't go out with me, he had this awful girlfriend who worked with my friends at a record store that has since gone out of business. It doesn't feel like it was almost twenty years ago, sadly, most of it's a blur of booze, boys, and fast cars. Thank god I took notes.

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