Monday, May 29, 2006

The Cat

Since I have a picture of the dog posted, I have to have a picture of the cats. The orange one is almost 18 years old and very serious about playing the piano. He's actually gotten better at it as he steps on keys listens and then tries out new things. Mick says he's better than some of his students, he at least practices. The black cat is Libby, I got her from a shelter 6 years ago, which makes her 7. She just now likes us and will look us in the face. She's still not comfortable with being picked up or kissed but we like her.

Today is Memorial Day, my dad is coming over to show Mick how to make his famous barbequed ribs. OOOH, I can't wait. I found my mom's recipe for sauce so I'll be making that today and some potato salad to go with. I can't think of anything else, I think baked beans is an appropriate american summer holiday side dish but I don't want any so I'm not making it. I think I will make coleslaw because who doesn't love cabbage?

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