Saturday, January 28, 2006

Still need an intervention, or Why do I keep buying fabric

So I figure, I've gone totally crazy and I'm in full blown addiction status. I cannot, CANNOT stop buying fabric. The other day I said "Enough is enough, I'm not buying any more fabric" , within ten minutes I'd purchased a lovely knit from Then I thought "Oh, I'm just silly, it's not that bad" but I had forgotten about the pretty peach swirl knit from EOS and the abstract cotton knit as well. They'd only just arrived. I didn't realize how bad it was because my sewing room was a total disaster. You couldn't even see the floor. I needed to do some serious cleaning. When I got started, the first thing I realized was that I needed some additional storage containers. I got two 100 liter(?) sterlite containers. I put all of the upholstery fabric in one and half (yes, I said "half") of the quilting cottons in another. I already have eleven 66 liter containers full of fabric. As I spent the last week and a half in fabric stashers purgatory (folding and folding and folding, with no end in sight) I got a little ashamed of myself. What do you think I did to make myself feel better. I went to JoAnn's and Hancock like three times. Everytime I would fold up a new huge batch, more new freshly washed fabric would come out of the dryer. Anyway, I'd resolved to at least finish the top that spurred all the cleaning (Jalie 2005 modified to look like a Bill Blass sweater I have). That whole thing started because I was working on the top and I got to the neck band and I couldn't remember exactly how it went. I look for the instructions but to no avail. I had to dismantle the entire room. Now there's at least some order to the room but still I have a good two days of cleaning and organization that I need to do, I probably won't get to it but at least I can stand to be down there. Oh yeah, guess where I'm going today?

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Sewbaby said...

I saw your blog and thought of myself. My sewing room is so bad that the only way I can get in there is to move some things out. So this year is sewing room organization year..yes, the entire year.
If I can organize my sewing room my entire house will be organize because I have stuff don't feel could be worse. You could be me!
Good luck!