Saturday, November 05, 2005

Finally, Something to Say

So I've totally been laying low because I had nothing to say. Just running through my own personal daily mundane. I didn't feel like recounting it for all the world to see. What's changed? Nothing. I just feel like being heard again, even if I'm only heard by spammers. I'm getting a replacement serger for the Elna 945 I recently purchased. Expo fever got to me and I had to buy something even thought it probably should have been a new car. Anyway the serger I had never worked right so they're sending a replacement. Thank the lawd! I have a really sad empty space on my sewing table where the old serger used to be (I'm selling that on ebay lookup username spoiltrotin if you want to buy it). There are so many knits that I want to sew and I want to use the serger on. Kwik Sew finally came out with a cute twist top. I think of it as the "Melody Top" because I called them in the spring to tell them they should come up with a twist top and they did so it's mine, mine I say. I was watching the Biggest Loser and the hostess had on a twist top then I was watching CSI: NY and the Kankaredes woman had on a twist top. They're still popular, Yay!

I'm paticipating in the fall swap at Pattern Review, it's very loosely woven and I want to take it easy. I'm right in the middle of making a tailored jacket/coat for myself. I just taped the interfacing to the front piece it's Vogue 2884, very cute and with bound buttonholes. I intend to get it finished in the next week. I'm using the most beautiful fabric I got from G-Street 4 years ago. When I came home I showed my find to my mom and she promptly stole it. Luckily for me she never made it into anything wierd so that when she died, I got my fabric back. Oh I'm not so harsh, she'd think it was funny that I waited like some kind of fabric vulture to get the good fabric back. Now when I wear the coat I'll think of her and chuckle.


Anonymous said...

mang, your blog really does get spammed! i just checked that out. it didn't give me a happy feeling.
"Hey just passing by, thought you might like this website." I clicked and I was hoping it would be something good like televisionwithoutpity or dressaday.

pleh, I wonder if there are really people who are spammers by trade, or if the computers developed intelligence and are annoying us as cruel revenge for our giving them life without giving them souls or something lame like that (that would seem like a REALLY big deal to a machine with no sense of humor.)

P said...

OT, but I just have to say that I LOVE the way you put your spring SWAP together. The colors and styles complement each other well, it's stylish, and - Wow! Everything really DOES work together - so versatile!