Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morulas, Blastocysts, and Zygotes Oh My

So, I’m wondering if I’m in the morula stage yet, or at all. I’ve been trying to get pregnant and I ovulated on Wednesday. I hope things took hold but there’s no way of knowing. What to do, what to do. It feels like something’s cooking in there but it could just be cramps. I’ve been reading "a little pregnant" a blog by a very very funny woman who just recently gave birth after having several ivf treatments. I found it because I googled the term "I just ovulated three days ago, when can I do a pregnancy test" and I got her site. I gotta say, it made me feel better because sometimes I think I’m the only woman in the world who’s having trouble. I’m being optimistic even though I’ve had to give up booze, coffee, chocolate and the occasional cigarette (once every couple months). It’s funny though, it’s the chocolate that’s killing me. I just don’t see any point in eating if there’s no chocolate involved. I had a cracker in my hand, I held it up and said to Mick, "See, this should be covered in chocolate." (and I stand by that statement). Well, I could stand to lose a pound or two.

I got my digital camera and I took pictures of the new stuff I’ve made but I can’t upload them. My computer is too old. My brother in law sent us his old mac which is more up to date than our old mac and Mick is in the process of getting it all set up. I should have some good photos of a few different things, except the T’s diaper bag. Her shower was last weekend and I made a diaper bag for her (the Amy Butler Nappy Bag) but of course, I took no pictures of the finished bag. I’ll see her soon and get a picture then. It came out really nicely except it’s huge and I used Timtex to stabilize it and it’s really stiff, like a giant diaper suitcase. Which is really funny because at the shower it came up that several years back T was playing Scattergories with her girlfriends and the word "suitcase" came up and T said it belong in the catergory of places where you put your baby. Well, now she’ll have her own baby-dedicated suitcase.

What have I made so far??? Hmm, well I’ve made seven Jalie T-shirts (2005) and I’ve made the Amy Butler Swing Bag. I’ve made two Kwik Sew 3240 skirts and one sleeveless pink twist top (which is a disaster). I’ve made another pair of Kwik Sew pants and of course the diaper bag. I have only the baby quilt and the blue bunny to finish and the capri pants and the Velma Bag and the vogue skirt and the other Jalie T shirt and the skirt for my class. Whew, I better get to work.

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Princess Petunia said...

I agree with you about the chocolate - Men generally don't understand the importance chocolate plays in women's lives. Good Luck!