Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fireworks, Overpriced Fruit and No Coupons

You know I really hate the fourth of July. All these jerks in my neighborhood and the American fascination with munitions, it’s all too much. I’ve been told that I’m a real "rules" kinda girl. I suppose it’s true and I know that people are free to be complete and utter assholes, but dang, why the need to explode stuff. I thought that wasn’t cool anyway, what with the whole fear of terrorism and whatnot. Anyway, I’m really angry because my poor pets are at their wits end. We keep trying to do stuff to cover the noise of the explosions. We’ve closed the windows and put the air conditioning on and I’m running the dishwasher, the washing machine and the dryer. My husband is practicing Motown tunes on the piano for an upcoming gig and playing "My Guy" over and over on the CD player. I wish it were over. Luckily this town is pretty "rules" oriented as well, I think these people have to stop by 11:00 or else.

I made a blue skirt this morning. I call it my "Monet skirt". Yes, I’ve made so many skirts that I’ve taken to naming them. No, not really, but it does remind me of the gardens at Giverny. The fabric has a real luminescent quailty and the colors are very water like. I intend to finish it on Wednesday or Friday at work on the Imagine. God, I love that serger. I may put it (the Imagine Wave) on lay-a-way but I may just save up the money independently and buy it outright. You never know if something newer and more fabulous will catch your eye just as you make your last lay-a-way payment.

Because the dog is too afraid to go upstairs, I thought it might be nice of me to stay downstairs with her and do some work in the sewing room. I’ve cut out another Jalie Tee from Italian Mosiac print from emmaonesock and I bought some coral interlock and eggshell interlock from Hancock this afternoon for the same pattern. I washed the coral and eggshell with two mystery pieces of home dec in my stash and everything turned kind of a peachy color. So the coral piece is fine but the eggshell is completely useless. I really needed a neutral so that just burns my butt. I putting that right up there with the $10 peaches* (4, from whole foods) and the $10 magazine** (Australian Stitches). I get a tiny bit of money and there I go right away, wasting it. I’m rinsing the eggshell with a little bit of bleach to see if I can bring the color down a bit but I’m considering it a loss. I hope I can use it later. I started cutting out a pair of New Look capris because I’m sick of skirts for a while but I got too tired and disgusted by the interlock that I gave up after the front and headed upstairs for a glass of wine and an internet rant.

*I didn't intend to buy four peaches for $10 and the cashier told me how much they were. I was so out of it that I didn't realize what she said until three hours later when Mick and I were in the car. I turned to him and said "OH MY GOD! I bought four peaches for ten dollars!" He said "that's why I hate that store"

**JoAnn's never sent me my coupons for this sale, and I know why. Everytime I use a coupon, those overzealous cashiers scan my address label and when the label gets scanned they take you off the list because they figure, the marketing is working on you so they don't need to try so hard. I know, I've done experiments; I've had them scan Mick's address (we have different last names) and his stopped coming but mine never did. Anyway, I didn't get the coupon that I normally would've used to buy that magazine.


Anonymous said...

You makey many updates now please!
Me read about the many money fruit to muchy times again and again, funny person!

Anonymous said...

I didnt get it. How on earth did Joann's get your address label? Is it on the backside of the coupon? Smart move by Joann, then.