Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sewing All Day

Recently, I got a part time job at the local sewing machine store that I frequent. I’ve worked about 4 days and so far, I really like it. The store hasn’t been very busy but apparently that’s a good time for learning the ins and outs of ALL of the machines. I’ve literally been sewing all day. They sell a lot of embroidery machines so I’ve been doing monograms and teddy bears and golfers up the wazoo. Unfortunately for my budget, it means I’ll soon be hankering for a high end embroidery machine.

It’s so cool to actually have people to talk to who love to sew. My co-worker is a cool woman, she’s got quite a history in sewing and she even graduated from the fashion design program at the college I went to. I was in that program for a minute but I got a D in intro sewing after I wore my skirt to the final grading. To this day, I don’t know what I did wrong. I got really discouraged and changed my major to criminal justice.

I just made Jalie 2005, the t-shirt. At first I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the way the neck band goes on. It feels counterintuitive and I didn’t have matching thread (fuschia of all things, you’d think I’d have a ton) so it looks bad. Then I tried it on and immediately I changed my tune. It has a lovely neckline, of which I’m a fan, and it fits well. I haven’t yet hemmed the thing but I intend on doing that today. I have to learn how to do a blind hem on my new machine. Hell, I need to learn how to do it on any machine.

I saw a really cute skirt at the Ann Taylor Loft store so I’m going to try duplicating it. It is a slim a-line skirt fashioned in horizontal strips of earth tone linen. I went to my JoAnn’s but they didn’t have all of the colors so I’m going to do some fabric dyeing. I’ll need to get more as I underestimated the amount of colors in the skirt. Luckily the fabric is on sale for 3.99, so far I’ve spent $4.00 duplicating a $70.00 skirt. I’d like to make a top I tried on there as well but I’ve run out of tracing paper. I’ll have to run to the art supply store today and then I’m going to stay in the sewing room. With temperatures expected to reach 90 degrees with high humidity, the basement is the place to be.

Funny aside. I was telling Sheryl about the sergers at the store and I told her the threading was much easier than the ones we had. She asked me how and said, " You know, it’s got the air threader", "No" she replied, "I don’t know what you’re talking about". I said "You load the thread up into a port and air magically sucks it into the appropriate holes." Sheryl paused for a second, I could practically hear her jaw hit the floor then she said "Shut the fuck up? Really!" "Yup" then we both started cracking up laughing. See, that’s why sewers need to have at least a couple of sewing friends.

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