Thursday, June 30, 2005


So, I’m more comfortable in my new job and it’s pretty cool. I’m starting to get really familiar with the ins and outs of the machines. I decided that I need to get familiar with the sergers. One really intimidates me. It has eight spools of thread and it just looks imposing. I’m staying away from that one for a couple more days, I think. Anyway, a woman came in just as I was working on one of the sergers and needed help making a rolled hem with the serger she’d purchased from us previously. I had no idea how to do it on that particular machine but luckily she had to go next door for a couple of hours which gave me enough time to figure it out. It was relatively simple to do: take out a needle, change the threading, move the stitch finger and VOILA, rolled hems. My serger at home is sort of like that one except you have to actually change the stitch finger. I can’t even find the damn thing. So O.K. I moved on to the next serger and it has this air threading deal and I thought, " I need to try this". Well I pop the thread in and lower the lever and WHOOSH it shoots out of the lower looper eye, then I flip a switch and pop the thread in the port and lower the lever again and it pops out of the upper looper eye. Then it’s only a matter of threading the two needles and I’m totally done. O.K. so how much is this, I’m thinking. I can come up with a thousand dollars plus I get a discount so I’m planning and scheming on how I’m going to pay for this without Mickey finding out about it. I was seriously considering putting it on the credit card and paying it off with every paycheck when a woman came in the next day and; after two years, yes TWO YEARS of shopping, a one hour presentation and a thirty minute phone call to confer with a friend; bought the one that was in stock. I thought, better her than me. I don’t want Mickey to kill me and he gets a little hot when I spend inordinate amounts of money without a plan to pay for it and without discussing it first. I brought my skirt in to work that day to put a rolled hem on the ruffle with that machine. My skirt looks kick ass, except that I got overly optimistic and cut out a size medium when I really should have cut out a large. It reminds me of something Carol Burnett would have worn in the character of Mrs. Wiggins, but the hem does rock.

Another woman came into the store yesterday and took one look at me and said "I know you from the fabric stores." I thought, "God, I wonder if I need to go to some kind of fabric rehab facility" I’m a large part of the sewing demimonde of the area. Oh well, at least I’m not one of those people who are always at the store buying stuff, but they never make anything.

I’m sitting here right now waiting for my new digital camera to arrive from Butterfly photo. The fed ex truck should be here in only moments. Once it does and I figure out how to use it. I’ll be able to add photos of all the crazy junk I’ve been making. I’ve taken to referring to myself as the queen of skirts and you’ll soon know why. Although I’ve made that Jalie T-shirt three times now but that’s a whole other story.

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