Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What To Do Next?

I’m onto making my summer wardrobe now. It got really hot (around 80 degrees) a couple of weeks ago and I realized I don’t have anything summery to wear that I like. I have six million patterns and about that much fabric so I set about shopping my stash. I found a beautiful summer weight pink wool crepe that I’d had preshrunk last year to use in the Summer SWAP on SW. Of course, I was too scared and didn’t make anything but I have a ton of that fabric. Something like 7 yards. I got it at Hancock Fabrics when I worked there; it was on the remnant table and had a big run down the side through the whole yardage. So I got the sale price which was probably 6.99 and the damage discount and the employee discount. I can’t imagine that I paid more than $2 a yard for that, and it’s really beautiful nice quality. Once when I was working at Hancock’s I was folding down the wool remnant table and I noticed they had some familiar looking fabric. It was the identical fabric as one of Mickey’s ARMANI suits!!!! But I digress… I looked for things that would coordinate with the pink and I found again from Hancock: Grey sweater knit, pink, black, white, green stripe twill, and it’s matching dot twill which I got from the Home Dec remnants table. Then I found (still in the stash) white linen with embroidered pink dots, white stretch twill with black flowers, and white cotton lycra stretch. Rounding the whole thing out were some great finds 8 yards of black cotton jacquard purchased at a going out of business sale for $1 yard and 4 yards of a flowery print on a black background with pink in it. And from my favorite local store which just recently went out of business grey linen. I bought some hot pink stretch from fabric.com and some chartreuse rib knit from Hancock to complete.

So far I’ve gotten McCall’s 4835 made of the hot pink stretch. It’s a really weird top and I don’t think it’s particularly successful because of the design and I should have used something even stretchier but I just sick of this pattern right now and it’s sorta cute so whatever. I’ve also made Vogue 7880 (view B) from the pink wool crepe, it’s beautiful. I love it love it love it. This is easily my favorite pattern and I’m going to make view C with the white and polka dot linen. God, I love this skirt! My plans for the rest of the wardrobe are somewhat plastic. I want to make the Alice and Olivia Jeans and Skirt with the striped twill and dot twill, respectively, and the black and white stretch twill will be a pair of New Look capri pants. I’ve started altering the McCalls 4834 Halter top pattern to fit my ginormous boobs and if it turns out well in the muslin phase, I’ll use the pink wool crepe for that. The grey sweater knit is supposed to turn into a twin set and the grey linen will be a pair of pants much like KS3155, if not that pattern. The chartreuse rib knit, the black jacquard, the white cotton lycra stretch and the other cotton print, I don’t know. I’ll leave those open for inspiration to strike and we’ll see what happens.

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