Thursday, May 12, 2005

O.K. So I'm Immature

Saturday I had a ton of running around to do in the morning so between errands, I decided to stop at Hancock Fabrics to get some cottons to make napkins that matched the Fiestaware. They were having a sale and I want to try out some of the stitches on the new sewing machine. I looked around the store and I found some good colors to match the dishes. I got green, red, blue, turquoise and persimmon. I decided to browse a bit so I headed to the $6.88 home dec remnant table. At first I didn’t really see anything but I did a bit of poking around and I found this amazing pink, fuschia, coral and cream "marimekko" style poppy print cotton twill. It was a bit lighter weight than the other twills so into the cart it went. I took it to the cutting table with the cottons and the cutter woman asked what I was making I told her napkins. Then she said what are you going to make with this (the poppy fabric) because it’s dry clean only. I told her that since it was cotton, I intended to wash it and then make a skirt. She then let out an exaggeratedly heavy sigh and said in an exasperated tone "Home Dec cottons are not the same as apparel cottons and that’s why they’re dry clean only" At that point I thought, "Is she crazy?" Then I explained that I was aware of that and that I would be washing it. What did she care, she wasn’t buying it? Anyway, I came straight home and washed the fabric and it washed beautifully. By Sunday I had cut the fabric into Simplicity 4882 (straight skirt with pleated lower third and ribbon trim). I finished the skirt on Tuesday and I intend to make a hot pink tee shirt to go with it and a little purse. All so I can wear when I go fabric shopping at the same store on Saturday, to prove my point. Yes, I’m immature.


Anonymous said...

Mel - did you wear your poppy print skirt back to the fabric store? Cause all I can say is you go girl! I think you are fabulous and not at all immature! -Dos

Debbie Cook said...

The skirt is great! I hope that clerk is working today so you can show her how it's DONE!

BTW, I don't think I'd want that fabric as anything but a garment. Certainly not a sofa! LOL!

Neefer said...

I would have done the same thing, except I would have danced around the clerk and sang, "Nah-na, na, nah-na."

That's great fabric.

Melody said...

Thanks Debbie, Dos and Neefer. I wore the skirt that day but she wasn't there. Probably by now she won't remember but the little devil on my shoulder always wants me to get her to cut my home dec fabric that I intend on making clothes from.