Sunday, June 01, 2014

I Think I'll Start Sewing Again

It's been a long, long, long break from sewing and blogging about sewing.  I think I'm ready to "get my sew on" and make some things.  I had one huge sewing project from October through December of 2013.  I made my niece's wedding gown and it was hard but really interesting and actually quite fun.  I got to see my niece so many times for the fittings and we'd talk and talk.  The whole experience was wonderful and I'd do it all over again.  It may even make it onto the blog because during the process I took many notes and many pictures.

I've started working at our local indy fabric store which gives me occasion to peruse all the fabric and boy are there some nice pieces. Not as though I need fabric, but sometimes the pull is too great.  Yesterday, I happened upon a bargain fabric that is a beautiful metallic lace with the eyelashes. I had planned to make this jacket without the pockets in lace but I'm not sure if I want it to be metallic, so I have more lace to think about.

I'll be teaching a beginner class this summer and we're going to make the maxi-dress M6559.  I've been looking for the pattern in my stash, I know I have it, I've made it six times, but I can't find it, now I think I may have discarded it in a fit of pique (I get on a cleaning binge and out it goes, I've thrown away some things that I shouldn't have that were harder to replace than a pattern, oops.)  So that is the very next thing on the table and after that, my new Style Arc patterns (that I received two days ago!!!!) are on the table.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion Week Is Filled With MC Jackets

Trends for fall that I've noticed.  Peplums, Motorcycle jackets, oversized outerwear, ruffles and prints in unexpected places.  I especially like the peplum and motorcycle jacket.  I was thinking about combining the two and then I saw the Nicole Miller runway show and there was a peplumed motorcycle jacket.

The last time I made a motorcycle jacket was many years ago and I made it from some sheer iridescent poly called "crystalette".  It was super cute, rather Barbie-esque  but I thought it looked good.  Now that I'm a "grown folk", I'm thinking a jacket built to match my personality and lifestyle is a great idea for fall.  I'm trying to decide between styles of motorcycle jacket.

Either way, I want to build one in dark metallic linen and one in wool so I don't really need to choose.  

Anyway, it appears that motorcycle jackets are the thing this year.  I love a good MC jacket.  I spent an entire decade in one.  I've missed both the jacket and the attitude.  I'm looking forward to a new jacket and attitude.  

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's My Prerogative

I changed my mind.  I am sewing something.  I need some things to wear to the PR weekend and I'm hoping to make the Simplicity tour so I want to make something from Simplicity.

Dress and Jacket or Vest Cynthia Rowley pattern 2443 Simplicity

This outfit has been in the back of my mind since this pattern was released.  I really like it. It's just what I need for a day of shopping.  Since I'm frequently hot and cold, a linen jacket is the perfect thing for me.  I started the jacket muslin on Saturday.  I didn't have to make a huge adjustment (at least I don't think so, at this stage of the game), so far I've sliced the jacket front vertically in two areas, under the arm at the side seam and near the center front.  I'm adding in the necessary width and mirroring it on the bottom front band.  I really like the sleeve on this jacket, it's very straightforward. I'm probably going to omit all the front closure froufrou.  That's a bit much for me, anyway, I've got enough going on in that area without adding a bunch of fluff.

I'm using the navy linen from Fashionista Fabrics for the jacket and the ponte for the dress.
I was looking at the reviews on PR for this pattern and on reviewer made the dress with this same fabric.  Hers is adorable and I can only hope mine will be this flattering.  I wonder if anyone has made the jacket with the same fabric??? I like the idea of changing the jacket closure to a zipper.  That may be a better option for me.  

I'm off to the sewing room, since I've disavowed cleaning, cooking and the gym for today (knee issue).  How much can I do before the hubs comes home or before some other weird interruption????

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vogue 8581 & Stuff

I actually did make one thing before I gave up on sewing for the time being.  I made this:

Vogue 8581
It's comfy and it's pretty cute looking, I can't help but feel a little like a pumpkin.  It was a super easy pattern to make.  Yes, there were multiple gathers but that wasn't any big deal, just fiddle-y.  I ended up stitching the neckband down by hand and then stitching in the ditch from the front side.  I also wasn't going to worry about those sleeve gathers so I used good ole trusty elastic and I used more elastic on the hem. (Whatevs with any pattern drama, ain't nobody got time for no pattern drama!)  I think it's okay but maybe not the best look for my rounded self.  I don't know, I really like wearing it, because it's super comfortable.  It fits a little better than it did when I first made it a couple of weeks ago, I may have lost a little fat. I'll probably make more for myself but maybe later.

I went to the JoAnn's Daffodil Dash sale today and I got a few patterns.  I bought the McCall's Laura Ashley peasant top (which in retrospect, probably wasn't the smartest thing to do)

A sexy dress for my future body (what? I limited myself to just ONE fantasy item) and what's with the stripper poses on the newer Vogue patterns?
and the Nancy Zieman cardigan.
I figure, that will be a good piece to have for the Pattern Review weekend, plus that's the only one that has any possibility of looking good on me.

On the diet and exercise tip; things are going well.  I'm having a fine time following the Primal Blueprint except that I think I eat too much and I've been doing Crossfit every other day since March 23rd (my first visit was the 21st but I couldn't make it past the rowing {the first thing!!}). I've purchased a jump rope for my sprint style activity on the off days and I'm sore all over.  It couldn't be better! I actually like that crazy intense workout program.  Yesterday was grueling but still fun, I didn't think I could finish and everyone was yelling encouragement and I actually did it.  Every time I arrive I'm kinda scared and nervous, by the time I leave, I feel like a pile of hurt but also really energized and rather proud of myself.  It may take a while but I plan on being here a while so I might as well go for it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spotted On TV: The Sexy Work Dress

The other night I was watching an episode of "New Girl" and here comes Eva Amurri Martino wearing this fabulous dress. I recognized the fabric immediately. I love what's going on with the diagonal placement of the stripes and the long brass exposed zipper down the back. Somebody needs to create their own version of this fabu dress. It's obvious by how "figure hugging" this is that there is spandex in there.

Vogue 1251
I seem to love this dress pattern, it's so simple but so interesting with all the crazy lines and details . This one's also a great candidate for color blocking.
McCall's 5927
Although, What is up with the sleeves and neckline on this one?  Proceed with caution.
Charcoal Pinstripe
Now we've got the fabric, how great is that!!

McCall's 6278
I like this one for the color blocking or in this case, stripe detail possibilities.

I also really like Simplicity 2648 and I tried to add a photo but it's just not happening.

Do you want to take on this sexy dress challenge? If so, take 35% off that amazing charcoal pinstripe with the coupon code "sexydress", coupon expires April 8, 2012..  

I hope I get to see some stunning dresses and you get featured on the Fashionista Fabrics Gallery!!